Saturday, September 25, 2010

Quick NFL Picks ~ Week 3

After studying my Power Rankings, it's becoming apparent to me that in order for the Chiefs to make the playoffs they'll need to win the AFC West (9 of my top 13 teams reside in the AFC). This means that the outcomes of the Chargers games are just as important as the outcomes of Chiefs games (this is under the somewhat dangerous assumption that neither the Broncos or Raiders will compete for the division crown). So, remember when rooting on the Chiefs during these Sundays that (thankfully!) are plenty meaningful, to cheer just as hard against a Whale's Vagina.

Week 1 Record: 9-7
Week 2 Record: 12-4
Total: 21-11

Week 3 picks....

KANSAS CITY over San Francisco-W
NEW ENGLAND over Buffalo-W
Atlanta over NEW ORLEANS-W
Pittsburgh over TAMPA BAY-W
Tennessee over NY GIANTS-W
MINNESOTA over Detroit-W
BALTIMORE over Cleveland-W
Cincinnati over CAROLINA-W
HOUSTON over Dallas-L
Washington over ST. LOUIS-L
Philadelphia over JACKSONVILLE-W
SEATTLE over San Diego-W
Oakland over ARIZONA-L
Indianapolis over DENVER-W
MIAMI over Ny Jets-L
Green Bay over CHICAGO-L


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