Saturday, September 11, 2010

Quick NFL Picks ~ Week 1

I plan on picking every NFL game this year and keeping a running total of my record. My goal for the year is 66% correct. If I reach this goal, I will be assisting in the labor negotiations currently in a struggle between the players and owners. If not, than a strike there shall be. Here they is...

NEW ORLEANS over Minnesota (already predicted)-W
Cleveland over TAMPA BAY-L
Miami over BUFFALO-W
Cincinnati over NEW ENGLAND-L
Indianapolis over HOUSTON-L
Atlanta over PITTSBURGH-L
TENNESSEE over Oakland-W
NY GIANTS over Carolina-W
Detroit over CHICAGO-L
ST. LOUIS over Arizona-L
San Francisco over SEATTLE-L
WASHINGTON over Dallas-W
Baltimore over NY JETS-W
KANSAS CITY over San Diego (gotta do it!)-W

-Taking 9 of 16 road teams
-Taking 7 of 16 underdogs

I aim to keep track of my picks through a variety of designations, such as underdog picks, home/road picks, records for each team, etc. If you have any other interesting ideas on ways to keep track of my results, let me know please. I'm very open to ideas, and love statistical analysis.

Dirk Noss

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