Wednesday, September 29, 2010

2010 College Football Top 25: Week 4

Last week may have been the best Saturday yet of the young College Football season. I was absolutely glued to the television, flipping between four games at one point in the afternoon. A few thoughts on the games I was watching simultaneously....

UCLA/Texas~ The Longhorns are who I thought they were, consistently ranking them way below where the national polls had them (most overrated team last week). The belief that Colt McCoy would pass the torch to Garrett Gilbert (G.G.) Allin with little dropoff was silly. They better be prepared for the Ultimate Eff-You Sendoff Game come October 16th in Lincoln. Oh yea, and Oklahoma before that. Wave goodbye to that streak of 189 consecutive weeks ranked in the USA Today Top 25.

Stanford/Notre Dame~ Finally, the country is hopping on the Dirkness-led Dancing Tree bandwagon. They've been my most underrated team in the country the last two weeks running (make that three). They destroyed the UCLA team (that just beat Texas) 35-squat in Los Angeles. Jim Harbaugh joins Bo Pelini and Chip Kelly (Oregon) as the next generation of great head coaches. Will he stay at Stansbury though?

Kansas St/Central Florida~ The Wildcats pulled out the victory but struggled with the read option play ran by the mobile Golden Knight quarterback all day. Why is this important? Because T-Mobile and Nebraska come to town a week from Thursday (a game Dirkness will be attending thanks to my main mane, Bill). However, Daniel Thomas might find some room to run on the Blackshirts too (they're potential weakness). Should prove to be an interesting matchup that has me a little scared, mostly because the game is on a Thursday night.

Arkansas/Alabama~ The game of the year to this point. The emotion, the pageantry, the wet mattress left on the field by Ryan Mallett, the shiite talking, the continuous domination of College Football by dorky, white quarterbacks, and the overall impressiveness of Mark Ingram. Still amazes me how teams can let off the gas with leads in these kinds of games.

On to the rankings....

Dirkness' Top 25:

1. Ohio St. (4-0)
2. Alabama (4-0)
3. Stanford (4-0)
4. Oregon (4-0)
5. Boise St. (3-0)
6. Nebraska (4-0)
7. TCU (4-0)
8. Oklahoma (4-0)
9. Florida (4-0)
10. Arizona (4-0)
11. Auburn (4-0)
12. Iowa (3-1)
13. LSU (4-0)
14. Miami (2-1)
15. Arkansas (3-1)
16. Wisconsin (4-0)
17. Michigan (4-0)
18. Nevada (4-0)
19. North Carolina St. (4-0)
20. Utah (4-0)
21. South Carolina (3-1)
22. Texas (3-1)
23. Missouri (4-0)
24. Penn St. (3-1)
25. Florida St. (3-1)

New to the rankings: North Carolina St, Missouri, Penn St, Florida St
Dropped from the rankings: Fresno St, Oregon St, Georgia Tech, Temple

Biggest Rise: North Carolina St~6+ spots (unranked to 19)
Biggest Fall: Texas~12 spots (11 to 22)

Most Overrated Team (Dirkness/USA Today): Utah (20th/12th)
Most Underrated Team: Stanford (3 in a row)~10 spots (13th/3rd)

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