Saturday, November 10, 2012

What I've Been Up To Lately...

Me and my buddy Ryan (I like to call him that, Buddy Ryan. He can be found on Twitter at @ryanscotthall) recently started up a Podcast called Amateur Hour. Thus far, we've recorded 3 episodes, each with a highly respected guest. Listener response has been very positive so far, and the two of us feel very excited about where it's headed. Wanted to make sure that my subscribers weren't missing out on this. So here are the links:

Amateur Hour Episode 1 w/ former 610 Sports host Nick Wright (10/30/12)

Amateur Hour Episode 2 w/ KC Star Columnist Sam Mellinger (11/6/12)

Amateur Hour Episode 3 w/ Nick Wright (11/8/12)

Amateur Hour Episode 4 w/ His Dirkness and Ryan Hall (11/14/12)

Amateur Hour Episode 5 w/ Marty McDonald of Save Our Chiefs (11/15/12)

Amateur Hour Episode 6 w/ His Dirkness and Ryan Hall - QB's and Coaches (11/21/12)

I will do my best to continue linking to what hopefully becomes a weekly Amateur Hour podcast. Or, I suggest you subscribe to his website for now. A twitter handle and Facebook page specifically devoted to the Amateur Hour podcast should be on their way shortly, and will post those on here too.

Back in the writing world, you can read my Best And Worst articles every week on Arrowhead Pride here. This page also includes links to every B&W I've written over the past 2 years, so feel free to relive the glory of....well, we won a few games last year atleast.

Via con dios,
His Dirkness