Sunday, September 19, 2010

Quick NFL Picks ~ Week 2

Some real quick thoughts after rewatching the Monday Night game against the Chargers...

~I couldn't believe how aggressive and nasty the Chiefs defense (The Redshirts?) looked flying around to the ball all night. They played with a swagger that's necessary to dominate on that side of the ball. Not one player had a bad game no matter what the Error Bearer haters say. He may have blown a coverage, but those are the growing pains that come along with an infantile secondary. Also, getting beaten by Antonio Gates in 1-on-1 coverage in the end zone is not his fault (the coordinator's fault if anyone).

~The MVP of the night had to be Romeo Crennel (he'd share it with Mother Nature if he's smart). Aside from the first two drives, and one coverage mishap, they accomplished nothing on offense. Ryan Matthews went into a shell after his fumble. Philip Rivers was throwing hissy fits and temper tantrums towards anybody who would listen. Obscenities weren't difficult to hear from where I was sitting, especially from the drunkard to my left.

~JamaAL Charles has has HAS to touch the ball more. And that's not deragatory towards Thomas Jones, who ran the ball hard between the tackles. But, man, Charles could be the second most explosive player in the league. Carries need to be handed out in a 2-to-1 fashion, with Charles in Charge handling the load.

~Shoutouts to big games by the following players: Brandon Carr (always believed in him), Brandon Flowers (dominated the first half with tackles and breakups), Glenn Dorsey (I thought was our emotional leader), The Ole Missile (ballsy move by Haley to replace Javier), The Javier (got overshadowed by Dex's TD), Ron Edwards (blew up that run on the last sequence of plays), Jovan Belcher (threw his body around like a MLB should), Derrick Johnson (provided the big play we needed), and finally Andy Studebaker (for pancaking the flopping punter).

On to the picks....

FALCONS over Cardinals-W
BENGALS over Ravens-L
Chiefs over BROWNS-W
COWBOYS over Bears-L
Eagles over LIONS-W
PACKERS over Bills-W
Steelers over TITANS-W
Dolphins over VIKINGS-W
PANTHAS over Buccaneers-L
RAIDERS over Rams-W
Patriots over JETS-L
CHARGERS over Jaguars-W
Seahawks over BRONCOS-W
Texans over REDSKINS-W
COLTS over Giants-W
Saints over 49ERS-W

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