Wednesday, September 22, 2010

2010 College Football Top 25: Week 3

I must begin my weekly look at College Football by waxing poetic about Bo Pelini and his decision to start freshman speedster Taylor Martinez. I am on record of saying that Zac Lee had to be the choice at quarterback, given the expectations for this year, but I think that stance would be near impossible to keep in hindsight. T-Mart looks a little uncomfortable in straight drop back passing, but his pure running abilities make that a moot point. Running quarterbacks are taking the nation by storm, with T-Mobile joining Denard Robinson (The Nard Dog), Terrelle Pryor, and Jake Locker (Ha!) as early season stories. Seriously, Jake Locker? His numbers from Saturday deserve their own paragraph, here goes...

Locker: 4-20, 71 yards, 1 TD, 2 INT

It was reminiscent of the beating that Rufus put on Brutus earlier in the day....

Has a top flight quarterback ever gone 4 of 20 in a game before? Barring he was going up against an above average professional secondary in Nebraska (good luck finding open receivers facing the Blackshirts). Even before this game, I was baffled how he was so highly rated. He's not that good folks. I heard Mel Kiper on the radio immediately following the game with egg all over his face spitting out crow feathers (he had Locker rated as the best player for the 2011 NFL Draft).

Anyways, back to the waxing. It take some major cojones for Pelini to choose T-Mart over incumbent Zac Lee given the circumstances (high expectations, final year in Big 12, early test on the road). He knocked it out of the park though. Now we have four full years of this cat, with zero chance of him leaving school early. You're welcome Big 12 for sparing you three of those years. On to the rankings, gaining steam every week...

Dirkness' Top 25:

1. Ohio St. (3-0)
2. Oregon (3-0)
3. Alabama (3-0)
4. Nebraska (3-0)
5. Oklahoma (3-0)
6. Boise St. (2-0)
7. TCU (3-0)
8. Stanford (3-0)
9. Arkansas (3-0)
10. Arizona (3-0)
11. Texas (3-0)
12. Florida (3-0)
13. South Carolina (3-0)
14. Iowa (2-1)
15. Wisconsin (3-0)
16. Auburn (3-0)
17. LSU (3-0)
18. Michigan (3-0)
19. Miami (1-1)
20. Utah (3-0)
21. Nevada (3-0)
22. Fresno St. (3-0)
23. Oregon St. (1-1)
24. Georgia Tech (2-1)
25. Temple (3-0)

New to the rankings: Auburn, Nevada, Fresno St, Georgia Tech, Temple
Dropped from the rankings: Houston, Cal, Clemson, Texas A&M, Georgia

Biggest Rise: Arkansas~12 spots (21 to 9)
Biggest Fall: Iowa~8 spots (6 to 14)

Most Overrated Team (Dirkness to USA Today): Texas (11th/4th)/Utah (20th/13th)~7 spots
Most Underrated Team: Stanford (2 weeks in a row)~9 spots (17th/8th)

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His Dirkness

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