Saturday, January 16, 2010

2010 NFL Divisional Round Playoff Predictions

I was planning on making predictions for every playoff game this year through the Dirkness, but couldn't find time before the annual ski trip commenced, and couldn't find a computer (or enough brain cells) while on the trip. Let's just say I dominated them though, and anyone who says I went 0-4 can answer to my fadeaway. And no, I will not be answering any questions regarding Dirk's conquest of ruining his legacy by cutting his hair. Warum?!?!?!?!

On to the picks...

Arizona-New Orleans: The Saints are the most vulnerable of all the teams with the bye week. Atleast the Colts porous ending was self-induced, the Saints just plain fell apart. The Cardinals are clearly the weirdest team in the NFL, they fully depend on what side of the bed Kurt Warner rolls off on. These two teams seem the exact same to me, so where's the advantage? The Saints are playing at home? eh. This same Cardinals team went to the Super Bowl last year? Closer. Drew Brees hasn't really proved it in the playoffs and Kurt Warner has? There it is. Oh yea, and don't eff with Kurt Warner in the playoffs!

Arizona 31, New Orleans 27

Baltimore-Indianapolis: The Colts have seemed destined for a stellar regular season followed by a disappointing postseason since about Week 3. The Ravens are led by Avon Lewis and Stringer Reed (praise The Wire). Oh, and they beat up the falsely feared faux-Faderiots (T-minus 389 days until Belichick heads to Kansas City). They got on them early though, and Joe Flacco was never asked to make a play. The Ravens will want to pound away again this week, and will win if they can, but Flacco will definitely have to make some throws. I don't think he can handle the heat from Marlo Freeney and the rest of the new boys in town. Remember, the Colts own the Ravens. They have beaten them 7 times in a row with much of the same personnel on both sides. The only thing that changes is that this is the playoffs, that's never been a problem for Peyton and the Colts has it? Not that I can remember...

Indianapolis 23, Baltimore 13

Dallas-Minnesota: The Cowboyz are purely the hottest team in the league right now. The Vikings are purely the best team in the league right now. The winner of the Super Bowl comes from this game. How do they match-up? Favre's best is better than Romo's best, but Favre's worst is worse than Romo's worst. Read that again. So, I would say heavily dependent on Favre. The Boys have the second best defense left in the league (Jets), but I think they're more suited to shut down wide-open passing attacks, akin to the Eagles and Saints. Can they shut down Adrian Peterson? Will AD's hush-hush case of 'Adrian has the fumbles' rear its head (6 this year)? The Cowboys won't be able to run the ball, but should find some room through the air, and if they can set up the run through that, will be able to win the game. For the Cowboys-I love Tony Romo, Felix Jones, DeMarcus Ware (the most underrated player in the league), and for the fact that we get to see Keith Brooking's pregame pump-up speech. For the Vikings-I love Jared Allen, Chester Taylor, Sidney Rice, and the aesthetics of Visanthe Shiancoe. For the game-I love the unders and that it's the toughest game to choose. I'm going against my Super Bowl pick of about Week 10, and I'm going all in with Tony Romo.

Cowboys 17, Vikings 13

NY Jets-San Diego: The Jets have the best defense and, perhaps, the best coach left in the playoffs. (There is a severe lack of top coaches left in the postseason, and for that matter the whole league. I think you only have 3 elite coaches left with Andy Reid being a rung below Billy Goat Belichick and Jeff Fisher. Who else?) The Chargers have the best mix of consistency and hotness coming into the playoffs, which makes them dangerous. They have been hearing about Darelle Revis all week (deservedly so - screwed out of Defensive Player of the Year), but will surely have a plan to counter him. I expect the Jets to roll the safeties to the other corner's side, which will result in Vincent Jackson getting opportunities for one-on-one jump balls against Revis. I see him winning a couple of them. The Chargers offense thrives off the deep ball more than any other. The problem with the Jets is if they get behind in this game at all, they are done. This is the week you see great teams with bad quarterback play go out.

San Diego 24, NY Jets 13

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