Wednesday, January 20, 2010

2010 College Basketball Rankings


His Dirkness' Top 10 (ANNNNNNNND 1-Cole Aldrich wilhelm scream):

1. Kentucky- Convinced John Wall is the next D-Wade- Will the SEC provide a big enough challenge to get them tournament ready?
2. Syracuse- The best team from the best conference
3. Kansas- Lack of a go-to scorer down low could be their downfall- Sherron Collins could be their savior
4. Villanova- The least talked about of the five best teams separating themselves from the rest of the country
5. Texas- Very unimpressive reign as number 1- Played like a top flight team for exactly 4 minutes against Kansas St.
6. Michigan State- Overinflated due to experience- Typical Spartans team with 5 players averaging double digs
7. Kansas State- Specializes in taking you out of your comfort zone- Beat up Texas and may have country's deepest frontcourt- Can they avoid letdown after big win?
8. Pittsburgh- Best pair of road wins in the country ('Cuse and Conn)
9. Ohio State- Evan Turner (pictured) is the BEST player in the country- Oh, and he BROKE HIS BACK this year- They've only lost two games with him playing
10. Duke- Awesome wins- Just not seeing it
11. Tennessee- Won't be on this list the next time I make it- Enjoy it while you can Skylar McBee

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