Monday, April 26, 2010

Kansas City Chiefs Final Draft Analysis

1st Round: Eric Berry, S, Tennessee

On paper: The only argument against the pick is that it's too high for a Safety. I'm not buying that. Along with Center, Safety is the most undervalued position in the NFL. Best player at my second biggest need, which is tough to beat.

On the field: Will be starting at Safety from Day 1. Gives the defense some versatility with his ability to cover the Slot Receiver. Brings the reputation of a playmaker, which our defense is currently void of. Hopefully can take on a leadership role that our defense desperately needs. And hopefully he ain't done thumpin' Knowshon.

Grade: A-

2nd Round: Dexter McCluster, WR, Mississippi

On paper: Yes, I listed him as a receiver, because that's what he'll be. I could hear the collective gasp from the city when they read Running Back listed next to his name. He fills the need of a Slot Receiver/playmaker on the offensive side, and also a possible returner.

On the field: I personally guarantee he's better than Lance Long. I envision us throwing a handful of swings/screens to him each game to give him some opportunities in space. Also, imagining him and JamaAL Charles in the same Shotgun backfield has me downright giddy. He should be a 3rd and 5 nightmare for opposing teams, something we sorely lacked last year. I think he'll also get a shot as the Kick Returner.

Grade: B+

2nd Round: Javier Arenas, CB, Alabama

On paper: At first, I was none too happy with this selection. But, upon reassessment, I think I overlooked the need of a Nickel Cornerback, which should be valued equally as a Slot Receiver, while we plain don't have one. Taken way above where the experts had him rated, but I can't really figure out why he was rated so low.

On the field: A playmaker on the defensive side of the ball, and in the return game. Should win the Punt Returner job undoubtedly, with his seven career punt returns for touchdowns being the proof in the pudding (Boom!). His two biggest positives as a Cornerback are his instinctive play, and his unique knack for blitzing from the Corner position. His only negative seems to be a lack of straight-line speed.

Grade: C+

3rd Round: Jon Asamoah, G, Illinois

On paper: The value here seemed to be universally applauded. The only problem would be that Guard was one of our more talented positions, while there were plenty of other well-defined needs ignored. Although, the third round is borderline area for just taking the best player available, regardless of need.

On the field: Saw the same characteristic come up in nearly every description- nasty. I'll take it! He provides depth, a safety net for Ryan Lilja, and the protege for Brian Waters. His grade goes up a full letter if the rumors of him being able to play Center are true.

Grade: B

3rd Round: Tony Moeaki, TE, Iowa

On paper: Hey, a Tight End named Tony, alright! We felt obligated to trade up and fill the void of the annual, mandatory, Patriot Way Tight End selection. You can never have too many. I'd feel better about this pick if it didn't paint the obvious picture that Brad Cottam sucks. Or if we would've gone with Florida Tight End, Aaron Hernandez.

On the field: Have read conflicting reports about his blocking. Have read very unanimously that he gets injured ALOT, missing games in each of his four collegiate seasons. Has the talent to come in and start right away if he stays healthy. Will be split out wide alot to force mismatches.

Grade: D+

5th Round: Kendrick Lewis, S, Mississippi

On paper: Showed up in my random thoughts I had on the 2009 College Football season as a player of interest. Not very good value, but I like the readdressing of Safety.

On the field: Will be the steal of the 2010 Chiefs Draft. Would not be surprised to see him starting midway through this year, or at the start of 2011. His fearless attacking of ball carriers is what created his noteworthiness. Should help on Special Teams immediately.

Grade: A

5th Round: Cameron Sheffield, OLB, Troy

On paper: Finally, my biggest need gets addressed, albeit 2-3 rounds too late. Not very good value here either, but love the position selection. The same size, position, and school as DeMarcus Ware.

On the field: 2-time All-Sun Belt performer, credited with 12.5 sacks the last two years. Hopefully can develop into a desperately needed pass rusher, because the Chiefs currently employ only one pass rusher of mediocre talent (Hali).

Grade: B-

Final GPA: 2.90 (B/B-)

Final Notes: The draft class improves immensely if John Henderson and/or any other potential impact Free Agents sign on after today. My biggest problem with the draft was ignoring huge needs, but I liked most all of the players. If those positions are addressed in other ways, that increases the value of this draft to me. My biggest worry, as hopefully I've hammered home hard enough, is the lack of pass rushers, which speaks directly to the OLB position, which wasn't really addressed. The other biggest need is now a Nose Tackle, which John Henderson would fulfill in a big, mean, face-slapping way. My closing thought wanders just why the Patriots like drafting Tight Ends so much?

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DBZ said...

I feel like I learn a few things about each of these players I never would have known otherwise. Good info and it makes me appreciate a few of them more.

I was originally upset with them ignoring need as well, but how many positions did they really ignore? LB? You said they were alright at OT even though everyone claimed they weren't. Also I think Jamaal Charles made me appreciate value picks more than I ever did before. If you manage to get some really good players or even stars like Charles in the 3rd and 4th round instead of trying to find guys that simply aren't going to make it but happen to play a position you need, you can build your program. It's definitely the best long term approach. Think Jared Allen, Scott Fujita, Jarred Page, and Jamaal Charles.

Okay well Charles was probably the only one of those guys actually considered a great value pick at the time, but it's tough to find good draft picks from the Chiefs in the past 10 year.