Saturday, December 11, 2010

NFL Week 14 PicksAndThought's and CHIEFS!!

Well, the biggest game of the year is upon us, which the Chiefs were all set for until God stepped in said, "You will not win this game, ya jackass!"

As most of you know, Matt Cassel is out with an appendix, so in steps Crodie Broyle (he can shake that nickname forever if he wins on Sunday. Or if he just ever wins a game period.) Crodie is my least favorite Chief on the team, and in my eyes was born a genuine loser. The Chiefs only chance in this game is to rally around Cassel, who didn't even make the trip out to San Diego. I have an interesting dividing line between close friends who I watch the games with (who all think Crodie is cruddy), and trusted sports personalities who I swap insights with (all seem to think Crodie is credible). If he leads the Chiefs to a victory, I might just head to the local barber shop and demand the Brodie haircut.

Hopefully, we attack the game with a nothing-to-lose type mentality, muster up some big plays, and rely heavily on our running game. However, I expect 9 men to be stacked in the box with the intention of shutting down God Jam Charles (who should be showing up to the game in an Armani suit). Although I will say, there is a chance the Chargers blow it somehow. After all, we are talking about the most undisciplined team in the league, a team that doesn't like to start trying until they're down 17-0.

Now for the bad news. If the following scenario were to happen, the Chargers would make the playoffs over the Chiefs:

  • Chiefs: Lose to SD, lose to STL, win over Tenn, win over Oak
  • Chargers: Win out (KC, SF, @Cin, @Den)

This would leave both teams at 10-6, while Oakland would be 9-7 at best. The teams would have split their two meetings, and would share equal 3-3 records from within the division. The next tiebreaker is common games. The Chargers would hold a one game edge in that department and would be the division winner.

This makes the game at St. Louis loom large. I am already kinda looking past this game in San Diego (yes, I'm allowed to because I'm a fan, not a player, however I do crush alot). I leave it to all of you Chiefs fans to wish upon every birthday, shooting star, blown eyelash, and 11:11 clock reading that comes your way this week for Cassel's health. Some of you owe it to the team after questioning Cassel all season long, leading to his stress-induced injury. This is your chance to make up for it. We need Matt Cassel for St. Louis.

Now for the very good news. His Dirkness' season goal was to stand at 6-6 at this exact point in the season. My reasoning was that we'd have a good chance at making the playoffs at 10-6, which means we'd still be playing relevant games at this point in the season. The Chiefs have greatly surpassed mine and probably your greatest expectations. Do you realize what we, as fans, were worrying about at this point last year? Draft positioning, draft prospects, and waiting for an unknown player to stand out (thank you JamaAL). Essentially, they were preseason games. Now, we're essentially playing playoff games. What a difference a year can make.

Now on to some picks.......

Didn't get week 13 picks up, but I went 10-6.

  • Indianapolis over TENNESSEE (Anybody who said Randy Moss wasn't a risk - Nick Wright - needs to watch the Titans post-Randy)
  • Cleveland over BUFFALO (I'd take the Browns over any non-playoff team right now)
  • Green Bay over DETROIT (If I had a shot at the World Tag Team Championships, I'd pick The Ndominant One as my partner)
  • NY Giants over MINNESOTA (I just hung out with Ahmad Bradshaw and Kevin Boss at the KCI airport. Nice guys. An event like this can unite a team - remember I said that)
  • PITTSBURGH over Cincinnati (The first home team I've picked, which could be a recipe for disaster)
  • Tampa Bay over WASHINGTON (Josh Freeman got fined for his late hit following the game-ending INT - I've really come around on him)
  • Atlanta over CAROLINA (Will be cheering for the Falcons out of the NFC for Tony Gonzalez)
  • JACKSONVILLE over Oakland (The big game that you won't hear about because of Brett Favre tomorrow)
  • SAN FRANCISCO over Seattle (Love that Troy Smith rocks the #1 jersey, not sure why)
  • NEW ORLEANS over St. Louis (I just wrote 'Can't cheer for a Sam Bradford injury' 500 times on a chalk board)
  • CHICAGO over New England (Pats due for a letdown and the Bears are surprisingly frisky)
  • Miami over NY JETS (J-E-T-S could be O-V-E-R.....rated)
  • Denver over ARIZONA (The Cardinals may be starting the most unknown QB of all-time: John Skelton from Fordham- same school as Tony Reali)
  • SAN DIEGO over Kansas City (Prediction: 31-14)
  • Philadelphia over DALLAS (Faced a difficult decision in fantasy with Vick or Rodgers to start- I went with Vick)
  • HOUSTON over Baltimore (Do we know anything about Joe Flacco?)


Billz Ay said...

San Diego will be our last lost. Brodie Labia is only playing one game.

His Dirkness said...

Bill can you believe that there are people out there with the belief that Crodie is still better than Cassel. They believe the CassMeister's stats are an homage despite the fact that he doesn't have a 2nd WR to throw to (and even dealt with Moeaki for a few games). The defenders are dropping all of his INT's. He has yet to cost us a game this year. A loss tomorrow is on the Cassel haters.

His dirkness

Mike said...

I don't know about picking San Francisco to win this week. Mike Singletary switched back to Alex Smith to start this week.

His Dirkness said...

Ick.........Alex Smith?!?! I hate that pick, but am sticking with it out of blind ignorance.