Sunday, May 27, 2012

Some Game 1 Spurs/Thunder thoughts

Thought I'd try a little late night writing action here.

Serge Ibaka - couldn't get on the court because the Spurs went small. Forced OKC out of playing their best 5 players.

Scottie Brooks - It's his job to make sure the Thunder CAN play their best 5 players.

James Harden - Don't let his numbers fool you, he was dreadful in Game 1. His only moves were driving to the basket and hoping for a foul and hitting a point spread swinging dagger of a 3.

Russell Westbrook - Felt like he played better than his numbers but where was he in the 2nd half? What happened to him relentlessly driving the ball to the hoop?

Kevin Durant - was given the ball repeatedly while the Spurs were making their run and couldn't make it happen. Was the defense specifically trying to stop him? Yes. Does he have to find a way to attack that? Yes. Would that be an acceptable excuse for Lebron? No. Does Scott Brooks do anything to help this Thunder team? TBD, but damn sure not as much as Bill Self would (oh word?).

Nick Collison - Finally I get to cheer for this guy!

Derek Fisher - Finally I have to cheer for this guy.

Tim Duncan - How about making a layup, Timmay?

Stephen Jackson - He may have been the key to tonight's game. His defense on Slim was unpenetrable. Hey remember when he cold-cocked a fan?

Matt Bonner - This mutha-fucka was ice cold tonight. More like Matt Limpdick, am I right?

Danny Green - Could not miss a shot against the Clippers. Didn't make a single meaningful play tonight.

Refs - How did they let them play all night long only to call a foul on every possession between 8:00 and 4:00 in the 4th quarter? They really took the steam out of an ongoing great game.

Gary Neal - Hi, I'm Gary Neal.

Good news for the Thunder - None of their 4 best players had an above average game. Durant was average, with the other 3 falling various degrees below the Mendoza line. Surely, (atleast) one of them will step up moving forward.

Bad news for the Thunder - None of their 4 best players have an easy problem to fix going into Game 2 of this series. Worse yet, none of them looked poised to handle business while the Spurs were making their run (ya know, all 4th quarter long). They just kinda let it happen. And yes, everybody's worse fear, that the Thunder are too jumpshotty, may finally catch up with them.

Prediction for Game 2: I'll take the Spurs by 7-9
Prediction for Game 1 of Heat/Celtics: Pain. (for the Celtics).

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