Sunday, November 21, 2010

Quick NFL Picks: Week 11

Check out how fast this happens....

  • Biffalo Buffs over CINCINNATI (Buffalo finishes 8-8)
  • Detroit over DALLAS (Suh is pissed at the Big 12's refs)
  • Baltimore over CAROLINA (Brian St. Pierre was pretty crafty at Boston College)
  • Cleveland over JACKSONVILLE (The Browns might be the best team in the NFL)
  • PITTSBURGH over Oakland (Seriously, Oakland will be irrelevant in 2 weeks)
  • TENNESSEE over Washington (What's the deal with the Kerry Collins/Vince Young rotation?)
  • KANSAS CITY over Arizona (Season's on the line)
  • Green Bay over MINNESOTA (Tavaris Jackson is Willie Beaman)
  • NEW YORK JETS over Houston (money on NYJ -6.5)
  • Atlanta over ST. LOUIS (toughest game to pick)
  • Tampa Bay over SAN FRANCISCO (most unpredictable game-could be blowout either way)
  • NEW ORLEANS over Seattle (Seahawks should bring back Shaun Alexander)
  • Indianapolis over NEW ENGLAND (Colts need it more. Happiness level rises if either of these teams misses the playoffs)
  • PHILADELPHIA over NY Giants (Blew it by not visiting Vick in Leavenworth more)
  • SAN DIEGO over Denver (predicted score: 41-9)

GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!!!!

his dirkness


Anonymous said...

The Chiefs are in a must win situation and I hate it when they get in a backs against the wall situation. I feel the team in that has way more pressure on them. Although it will be good to see how we respond to that kind of pressure.


Mike said...

I agree with some of your picks, but you know I gotta think that the Bucs are losing in San Fran and Detroit isn't going to Dallas and winning that game. The Lions haven't won on the road in a while and the Cowboys may continue what they started in New York. If you would like to put your picks up against mine, then go to my blog and post them up on there. I have score predictions and analysis too.