Sunday, July 25, 2010

Top 25 Favorite Athletes of My Time

We have reached the dead zone of the sports season, with no big sports currently in season (Huh? Base what?). I thought I'd throw together a list that might interest my adoring fans (all two of them). There isn't much of a defined criteria to the list, other than how they stand in my mind, and that I must have been cognizant of them while the player was in their prime. You might notice that the list is littered with Chiefs, Huskers, and Jayhawks. Well...yea, they are my favorite teams. If you don't like it, make your own list. Accompanying each player will be a one word (and only one word) description that I deem to be most appropriate. I'm bound to forget somebody in the process, so I leave the list open to future editing. For now, here's the list...

Dirkness' Top 25 Favorite Players:

1. Priest Holmes- Stoic
2. Tommie Frazier- Electrifying
3. Dirk Nowitzki-
4. Ndamukong Suh- Ndominant
5. Scott Frost- Toughness
6. Trent Green- Polished
7. Darnell Jackson- Radiant
8. Will Shields- Admirable
9. Mario Chalmers- Clutch
10. Brandon Rush- Bong
11. Tony Richardson- Selfless
12. James Hasty- Unforgiving
13. Barry Sanders- Jawdropping
14. Rich Gannon- Determined
15. Donnie Edwards- Arrowhead
16. Tony Gonzalez- Touchdunk
17. Nick Collison- Handy
18. Seneca Wallace- Mancrush
19. Paul Pierce- Perseverant
20. Mike Brown- Lurking
21. Kevin Durant- Icey
22. Ricky Williams- Fascinating
23. Willie Roaf- Gargantuan
24. Zinedine Zidane- Heady
25. Latrell Sprewell- Ghetto

Near Misses (they don't earn the effervescent describing word):
Zac Taylor, Steve Nash, Russell Robinson, Charlie Ward, Jason Dunn, Ben Wallace, Brian Waters, Joakim Noah

OMISSION LIST (where I'd rank them):

Derrick Thomas- #10
Kimble Anders- #21
Scott Hall- #23
Pat White- #25

I hereby declare after this last that it is indeed football season, which I will be attacking from multiple angles this year. If anybody has any ideas or suggestions for possible weekly write-ups on the Chiefs, Huskers, Big 12, NFL, or all of College Football let me know. I got a few ideas in the works already, with plans on expanding the empire to new mediums. Check back later this week for Chiefs preview action as they head into training camp, which begins Friday. I could not be more excited.


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DBZ said...

Nice work making the list of your favorites into a fun read with the single adjective for each.