Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Kansas vs. Kansas St. Round 2!

Ding! Ding! (Apollo Creed style)

My main question for tonight's game is does it matter?

There seems to be more pressure on Kansas, out of fear of facing a 3-game losing streak and a share of the Big 12 title all on the line at Missouri on Saturday. Thus, the game is much bigger for Kansas, and could serve as a springboard going into the tournament or a reason for them to start doubting themselves. Therefore, I will make the statement that KU cannot win the National Championship if they lose tonight, due to them not showing up for such a big game.

Kansas State is really coming in with nothing to lose in this game. Let's face it, every Wildcat supporter would be thrilled with reaching the Final Four this year. This is still very attainable with a loss tonight, and will most likely be staring at two seed. The key player tonight is Dennis Clemente, who's streaky shooting could be prove to be the difference when coupled with what I see as an even frontcourt matchup. Beard (Pullen) is more consistent in getting his, so if Clementine flings fire, then K-State wins.

Kansas' loss at Oklahoma State was somewhat of a fluke, which happens all the time in college basketball. If a team can't miss, they will win the game most of the time. Oky State's 60% shooting was something of a mirage, in the fact that I don't hold it against KU as bad defense. They hit numerous transition threes that they had no business making, and weren't forced to hit a shot the last ten minutes of the game due to tight officiating. The only way it becomes a deal is if they lose tonight, thus a big game for the Jayhawks.

I'll say this about tonight, I feel less confident then I did going to K-State and winning. People are saying the Senior Night will propel the Hawks to a victory, but I believe it just provides an added pressure for the home team and for Sherron Collins. I'm also worried that nobody is picking the Wildcats in a game I could easily see going either way. That being said, I will join everyone else in picking Kansas in a close game. Sherron Nasty does not want to deliver his speech after a loss and wills his team to a victory.

Kansas 67, Kansas State 63

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