Saturday, November 6, 2010

NFL Quick Picks ~ Week 8/9 + Chiefs/Raiders

Due to an overabundance of Halloween partying, my NFL picks didn't make their way through the information superhighway last week. Shame. Believe me, they were made though. Here's the proof.....

Cincinnati over Miami-L
Dallas over Jacksonville-L
Washington over Detroit-L
Kansas City over Buffalo-W
St. Louis over Carolina-W
New York Jets over Green Bay-L
Denver over San Francisco-L
San Diego over Tennessee-W
Tampa Bay over Arizona-W
New England over Minnesota-W
Seattle over Oakland-L
New Orleans over Pittsburgh-W
Indianapolis over Houston-W

Week 8 Record: 7-6
Overall Record: 70-47 (59%)

A few thoughts on the Chiefs/Raiders game......

The Raiders are receiving entirely too much publicity this week, and are sure to fall flat on their collective face. I'm feeling very confident about the Chiefs' chances in Oakland, a place they've won 7 in a row. A matchup between the two top running teams should favor the team with the better run defense:

Kansas City run defense: #7 (96.4 ypg)
Oakland Raiders run defense: #26 (127.4 ypg)

Boo yah! I think we see a game that the Chiefs dominate throughout, but somehow the score remains close. I think Jason Campbell makes a few mistakes and the Cable Man thinks about putting Bruce Gradkowski (who he was considering starting) into the game. If he does, I'll be sure to jot down 'Game over' into my special little notebook. The Nnamdi Asomugha injury is a big loss for the Raiders, a problem that D-Bowe should be able to expose (5 TD's in 3 games since his Indy dropsies). A controlled victory that isn't decided until late in the 4th quarter.....

Chiefs 20, Raiders 10

Other Week 9 picks......

Chiefs over RAIDERS-L
FALCONS over Buccaneers-W
Bears over BILLS-W
Patriots over BROWNS-L
LIONS over Jets-L
VIKINGS over Cardinals-W
Saints over PANTHAS-W
RAVENS over Dolphins-W
Chargers over TEXANS-W
Giants over SEAHAWKS-W
EAGLES over Colts-W
PACKERS over Cowboys-W
Steelers over BENGALS-W

GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!!

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