Monday, November 15, 2010

Kansas City Chiefs: Wha Ha Happen Was....

Damn I fell asleep and totally missed the Chiefs game yesterday.....what happened?

This game was a direct result of blowing the game in Oakland last week. Part of the reason I was so pissed after that Raiders loss is that I thought we might see a hangover effect from it. And while I wasn't that angry about yesterday's loss (every team has a few bad games in a season), I grew more irritated about the blown opportunities in Houston and Oakland.

The real story of the game was the undeniable force that momentum plays in football. If you don't stop the bleeding, the result of the Broncos-Chiefs game is always a possibility. One stop of the Broncos offense, or one score out of the Chiefs, and the outcome of that game could've been greatly altered. But, they didn't. In fact, the Chiefs have played their three worst games of the year the past three weeks (luckily they escaped with one win out of the three). The Cardinals visiting Arrowhead next week is exactly what this team needs to turn it around. It's a must win if the Chiefs have any playoff aspirations in 2010 (or any hopes of winning another game). Lose? And well, this season is over.

However, I go back to my stated goal for the Kansas City Chiefs 2010 season, said prior to the first preseason game.....

~I'll start off with my overall goal of the year for this Chiefs team: I want a realistic shot at the playoffs going into the last quarter of the season. I want to play games that matter come December of this year. We don't even have to win those games, I just want them to exist. I almost can't even remember what it's like to watch meaningful games, and that's not a good thing. This goal is brought upon by the lack of meaningful football played the last two seasons (both seasons lost meaning after Week 2 home losses to the Raiders). Defiant numbers on this goal would depend on the conference's well being, but if I must declare, I'd say 6-6.
Sure, the game sucked yesterday. But, get a perspective look at this Chiefs team. They've already surpassed last year's win total, and are playing meaningful games for the first time since 2007. Every time you complain about the Chiefs this year, remember that fact. Don't lose sight of it.

Alright, and now for some comments on the handshake (or lackethereof) after the game. Here it is......

I liked it. I enjoy seeing my head coach pissed off just like I am. I don't think it plays a big effect on the team. What it does is take the attention away from the blowout that just occurred. Less people are talking about how poorly the Chiefs played, and are instead focusing on how classless their head coach is. But isn't that disrespectful towards the other team? Yea. So what? It's a rivalry. I don't want our head coach to be chums with their head coach. You think I like Missouri's Mike Anderson being cool? No, not really. I'd much rather hate him. Plus, who could like Josh McDaniels? Aren't you aware of what he did to those kids? Oh, that story hasn't come out yet....

It's surprising to me that nobody is making a connection between Haley's actions and the cheap shot on Tony Moeaki, seen here.....

And before you call my a hypocrite for calling that a cheap shot, let me stop you. It was a cheap shot. But, no, I didn't have a problem with it. It's a rivalry!!! Plus, it's not my job to play morality police. It is incredibly arrogant to inflict your views of what is right and wrong on somebody else. Everybody is entitled to their own opinions. My belief is that things happen, and public opinion of it's morality is irrelevant. There are no regulations. Damn, is that an anarchist's point of view?

Other thoughts from the game yesterday (too lazy to organize structurally):

  • I don't blame Matt Cassel for the loss. Yes, he has to get rid of the football (his #1 problem from last year), but in order to "stop the bleeding" I look to the best players on the team. Well, after taking a look at my midseason grades, I expect Tamba Hali, JamaAL Charles, or Brandon Flowers to be the player to step up and make a play. You hope your QB is "The Guy" on your team, but that's not what Cassel is. You can want to get rid of him if you want, but you can't blame him for yesterday.
  • The most disturbing part of the game came from Brandon Flowers and Dwayne Bowe. They came off incredibly ignorant, selfish, and down right stupid for celebrating individual plays while getting annihilated in the game. It angers me because I prefer to like my Chiefs, and these kind of actions make it difficult.
  • It's amazing how important Jon McGraw has become to this team. Both Kendrick Lewis (he's still on the team right?) and McGraw missed this game due to injury. It was the worst possible time for it, with how much the Broncos throw the ball. Donald Washington and Ricky Price aren't capable safeties. I didn't know it was possible to miss Jon McGraw so much....
  • How bout that replay malfunction? It obviously cost us the game. What if that had been an important play? What if the play obviously needed to be overturned? Does the NFL not have a backup for such malfunctions? I will be cheering for this on every challenge of a positive Chiefs play from now on.
  • What are the Chiefs going to do when teams start double-teaming Tamba Hali every week? The Mike Vrabel sucking situation needs to be addressed. This was my biggest need for the Chiefs the entire offseason, but is just now starting to poke through.
  • The 3rd down play call from the Broncos' 1-yard line was the worst thing to come from the Chiefs all season. My friends and I dropped every slur stemming from a part of the female's anatomy (Delores!) that we could think of. The quick slant to Bowe from the 1-inch line is what I'm referring to.
  • I conclude by drawing more attention to the black eye of the NFL: Pass Interference. Blast! I can't find a video. Here's a link.....Seen at the 1:30 mark. Death to Pass Interference! How many games do horrible pass interference calls have to decide before the NFL addresses the rule? Read my full thoughts here.
His Dirkness


DBZ said...

My thoughts exactly on the loss. I don't care about losing this game, but it did make those previous losses hurt more.

Also I don't really know because I did not watch the game very intently, but could it be that Flowers and Bowe were just trying to get us fired up and turn the momentum by acting excited after making great plays. Sometimes when you are down big on the road like that, it takes some exciting plays to keep people motivated.

His Dirkness said...

No it very much so wasn't. It was clearly done for self promotion. I know what you're talking about, but it wasn't like jumping around with teammates or an action done towards the sideline. Plus, the game was already well in hand when the celebrations occurred. Like 2nd half, down 30 points. It was rather embarrassing.


The Leadoff Man said...

I don't have anything to say that hasn't been completely exposed by the dirkness on this Cheeves game, so instead I'm just finding a comment space to say how genius that "conversation" between Pellini and Osbourne was on the Husker Du Corner. That was so legitimate, a short film needs to be made with found footage, kind of like the Husker Hitler vid, ya dig. No one else that writes blogs like that has the initiative or imagination to put something as absurd as that up. And i hope it blew people's mind. And I hope they flocked to the mecca of His Dirkness - at the Dude's Venice bungalow.

His Dirkness said...

Kid Rock B is playin a game of crossfire with us by commenting about one site on another. There's only one way to properly respond to this kind of mistake.......Yea your bad.....BRO! Dirkness believes his intentions are clear, to draw more attention to the homeboy's site instead of his corporate pages of nonsense hobnobbing their way through the streets of Lincoln, Nebraska. Everyone who's anyone knows the fake conversation is a go to move of thy Shardness Douglas-Roberts III. Thanks for playing.

Dirty Dirkness