Sunday, November 14, 2010

NFL Not So Quick Picks-Week 10

Everybody gets a bit of a bonus this week as I humor myself into breaking down the statistical analysis of my NFL picks for the 2010 season...............anybody still reading? Anybody? Bueller?

Lightning quick Chiefs thoughts: I HATE the idea of facing a game that I'm uncomfortably close to declaring a "must-win" in Denver. Demons still exist. In other news, the Chiefs have killed that that trust you'd like to have in your team with a lead in a game. I must now remain on edge for the entirety of the game thanks to such blowjobs as the Houston hummer and the Raider rimjob (I hope that came out right, I'm kinda tired).

Week 9 Record: 10-3 (BAM!)
Overall Record: 80-50 (61%)
Goal for 2010: 171-85 (66%)
Record Needed to Reach Goal: 91-35 (better pick it up, kid)

Week 10 Picks:

ATLANTA over Baltimore (Harry Douglas is secretly the funniest name in the NFL)
BUFFALO over Detroit (Something you'll hear in 2 years: N-Suh is the best player in the NFL)
Vikings over BEARS (Da bears are so bad)
Jets over BROWNS (hardest game for me to pick)
COLTS over Bengals (easiest game to pick)
Titans over DOLPHINS (I can't wait til we get another shot at Moss in Week 14)
TAMPA BAY over Carolina (Raheem Morris- My NFL Coach of the Year to date)
Houston over JACKSONVILLE (take joy in the Texans blowing this year after attending that loss)
KANSAS CITY over Denver (Go Chiefs!)
NY GIANTS over Dallas (Eli Manning- My 2010 NFL MVP to date)
Seattle over ARIZONA (couldn't pay me to watch this game)
SAN FRANCISCO over St. Louis (My biggest upset of the week-kinda weak)
PITTSBURGH over New England (If Patriots lose this one, they face the Colts next week)
PHILADELPHIA over Washington (Gonna enjoy Mike Vick game in its entirety)

And the following is my statistical breakdown of my NFL picks......What does this mean? Well....I guess just my record for each team (edit: interesting tidbits). That's all I've got (I seem to be doing the dice thing too much).....

I'll rank them in order of best-to-worst for the ladies....

Scratch that....just a few interesting tidbits instead:

  • I'm best at guessing Buffalo, my only undefeated team (8-0). This is very ironic because the Bills are 0-8 in real life. I've correctly picked them to lose every game.
  • I'm 6-2 on the Chiefs, missing Houston and Oakland (almost seems like we should've won those two, no?
  • I have 5 misses with multiple teams: NE, NYJ, Mia, Cin, Oak, Dal, Chi.
  • I just added those up at 3 a.m. on a Saturday night. Been looking forward to it all week.
  • The Chiefs are gonna win tomorrow 21-12

His Dirkness


Anonymous said...

So no doubt I was disappointed after the loss in Denver today. What really concerned me was how the things we were doing good the rest of the year have somehow been ineffective in the past two weeks. More specifically running the ball and stopping the run. What has happened? Now I'd like to give insight based on the fact that I'm a coach and feel I have an inside perspective sometimes on these things. Kansas City fans have been really pissed the past few weeks...rightfully so, but that's a too close up perspective. 2 seasons ago we finished 2-14..does anyone remember how awful that team was? Last season we went 4-12 still bad, but that is certainly improvement. So this year even if we end up fizzling out, but finishing 8-8 I will still be content and feeling we are moving in the right direction. Lets face it we don't have the personnel or development of players yet to win a super bowl. I say lets give it a 4 year time span (2 seasons after this one) with incremental improvement and a solid built team that will be good for the next decade with a young head coach. I will take it! We live in an instant gratification society that in my opinion has totally lost the knowledge of the old adage "Rome wasn't built in a day"


DBZ said...

I didn't mind losing to the Broncos big in Denver. Sometimes a team comes with a gameplan that matches up perfectly to beat all the things the other team was planning on doing. This loss sure does make the Houston and Oakland losses hurt more. So many times we could have won those games. At least we don't have to put the Bills on that list as well.

His Dirkness said...

Good ish from both of you. Spot on with the big picture forecast Dave-O. Zeets, I totally agree about the Houston and Oakland losses. More pissed about those than the Denver one.