Saturday, October 23, 2010

Quick NFL Picks ~ Week 7 (and Week 6)

I know, I know, I let down all my biggest followers last week by not posting my picks for the games. But you shoun't worry, because the picks were made, was just too phogged over from Nebraska's loss to Texas to even approach a computer that night. And, amazingly enough, I went 14-0 on those picks. No, seriously. Damnit, I'm lying.

I wanna start by reminding everybody to check out my Power Rankings posted this week, because well, it deserves to be read.

A few thoughts on the Chiefs game before we get to the picks. I think Todd Haley should calm down the aggressiveness tomorrow and take points when they present themselves. I was all in favor of it in tough matchups on the road, but you need to be flexible in your strategy based on the opponent, and the Chiefs are superior to the Jaguars. There's little need for over-aggression. With Todd Bouman most likely at the helm for the Jaguars, it could be goodnight sweetheart if the Chiefs get a lead at all. The Jags will come out and run, run, run in effort to hide Bouman's shortcomings and to shorten the game as much as possible. It's been effective for them in the past. This won't be a walkover, but it is a game our Chieves should win.

PreDirktion: Chiefs 24-13

Week 1 record: 9-7
Week 2 record: 12-4
Week 3 record: 11-5
Week 4 record: 10-4
Week 5 record: 5-9 (Ouch!)

Week 6 Picks:
Bears over Seahawks-L
Ravens over Patriots-L
Giants over Lions-W
Falcons over Eagles-L
Steelers over Browns-W
Packers over Dolphins-L
Chargers over Rams-L
Saints over Bucs-W
Chiefs over Texans-L
49ers over Raiders-W
Jets over Broncos-W
Vikings over Cowboyz-W
Colts over Redskins-W
Titans over Jaguars-W

Week 6 Record: 8-6

Overall Record: 55-35 (ick....)

Week 7 picks.........

NEW ORLEANS over Cleveland-L
KANSAS CITY over Jacksonville-W
Washington over CHICAGO-W
MIAMI over Pittsburgh-L
ATLANTA over Cincinnati-W
TAMPA BAY over St. Louis-W
BALTIMORE over Buffalo-W
San Francisco over CAROLINA-L
TENNESSEE over Philadelphia-W
SEATTLE over Arizona-W
DENVER over Oakland-L
New England over SAN DIEGO-W
Minnesota over GREEN BAY-L
DALLAS over New York Giants-L

Thy Sheeveness

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