Saturday, October 2, 2010

Quick NFL Picks: Week 4

Why why why why why why why why why do the Chiefs have a bye week this Sunday?? Momentum plays such a big part in the NFL that I can't help but worry that it might be lost after inactivity this Sunday. There is a strong chance that the Chiefs could find themselves as the last undefeated team after this weekend with Pittsburgh welcoming Baltimore to town and the overrated Bears traveling to New York to play a Giants team with their backs against the wall. Not sure if that means anything, but it gives me something to root for on this painfully positioned bye week for the Chiefs.

Week 1 record: 9-7
Week 2 record: 12-4
Week 3 record: 11-5
Total: 32-16

On to the picks.....

ATLANTA over San Francisco-W
NY Jets over BUFFALO-W
Cincinnati over CLEVELAND-L
GREEN BAY over Detroit-W
TENNESSEE over Denver-L
ST. LOUIS over Seattle-W
NEW ORLEANS over Carolina-W
Baltimore over PITTSBURGH-W
Indianapolis over JACKSONVILLE-L
Houston over OAKLAND-W
SAN DIEGO over Arizona-W
Washington over PHILADELPHIA-W
NY GIANTS over Chicago-W
MIAMI over New England-L

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