Monday, October 18, 2010

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Houston Texans

I have returned from my first experience of cheering on my Kansas City Chiefs on the road, in another team's home stadium. Everything about the game was magical up until the final 30 seconds, which was obviously a bummer. It was the kind of trip that doesn't gain true perspective until you're able to look past the result of the game and focus on the total experience. I will offer some lightning quick analysis before telling the story of the game through numerous pictures and videos, sure to entertain you.

Quick analysis: It sucked how well we played as a team for 3 1/2 quarters, but weren't able to close it out. We ran all over one of the top run defenses in the NFL, and Matt Cassel got into his first true rhythm of the season. Dwayne Bowe made me look good for sticking up for him all week by going off for 108 yards and two touchdowns. Unfortunately, the defense, which had played so well this season, gave up four straight touchdowns to the high-powered Texans. It's no shame allowing a lot of points to one of the better offenses in the league, you just wish they could've stopped them one more time, or at least held them to a field goal to set up a game-deciding coin toss. The biggest play of debate was the 3rd and 2 tight end throwback, a play that always seems to work, and one that I didn't mind at the time. However, as time has progressed, so has my hatred for that play call. You're a running team. You'd been running all over them all day. You have a coach that would most likely go for it if presented with a 4th and 1. Unquestionably, you have to run the ball there. My biggest fear now is that the team (particularly the defense) has lost some confidence and/or swagger and carries the end of this game over to the next. If they're able to let it go, and play to the level they've set for themselves, the AFC West is the Chiefs division to lose.

On to the pictures.....

Dirkness' home away from home: The American Airlines Center, home of the Dallas Mavericks.
They had a cool system where you park away from the stadium and ride the Metro.

These Chiefs fans hooked us up with beer and gave us the scoop on where the hottest chicks in the parking lot were.

There were Chiefs fans everywhere, especially when walking around the parking lot. Every pack of Texan tailgaters had at least one token Chiefs fans to display proper tailgating techniques. Texans fans were nice, even the one who yelled, "Get a haircut," presumably at some nerd behind us.

Clearly a Donald Washington jersey
This dude's Matt Schaub jersey read "Thanks Atlanta"
Beer for 4 dollars?!? And it was Shock Top on tap.... 

We took the Texans pregame festivities very seriously.

Todd Haley playing catch with Tyler Palko before the game. He had a designated receiver so he wouldn't injure a finger.
A fine looking modern gentleman inside Reliant Stadium
Chiefs cuddle puddle before the game
Scott Pioli paying off the ref and Clark Hunt acknowledging us for yelling like crazy people at him.
President George Bush (the good one). Probably the closest I will ever get to a president. I could have spit on him.
We asked the President to take this picture for us. Fantastic seats.

We sat 3rd row right by the Texans' entrance tunnel. Andre Johnson made love to me with his eyes.

Picture sparked an interesting debate. Mike Vrabel or President Bush?
D-Bowe's touchdown. No shortage of highlight plays for us to cheer about.

Players heading into the locker room at halftime. Some boo's. A nice beard. For some reason I sound like I'm cheering them on. I should've tried to get Pollard to attack me. Yea refs I see YOU!

Demeco Ryans tore his achilles and was escorted out right by us.  He denied my interview request but took my business card.

Pivotal play of the game. Non-call on Andre Johnson was bad enough, but to call Pass Interference on Brandon Flowers may have made this the worst call I've ever seen. Peter King called it the worst Pass Interference call of the year.

Three dejected Chiefs fans after taking the walk of shame around the entire stadium. Needless to say, abuse took place.

And remember kids, Fuck Texas.


Anonymous said...

Dear He Dirkness,

You good. I love the Chiefs. Also I second the Fuck Texas.


Loren said...

This reminds me that Texas blows. The whole state. Just for this, I'm rooting for the Yankees to win the ALCS (then lose in the ws of course).

His Dirkness said...

I LOVE it! It's almost sacreligious to cheer for them damn yankees, but after this weekend, I'll have to join you. Anyways, it's only baseball. It's like throwing your support behind a WNBA team, totally meaningless.

Dirk Oss