Thursday, September 15, 2011

Chiefs/Bills Rewatch Thoughts

Enough time had passed, and with a little help from my green friends, I was able to stomach a rewatch of the Kansas City Chiefs opening day massacre. I had a multitude of thoughts from watching the game, as anybody who follows me on Twitter noticed around 3 am last night. And since I'm too unmotivated to organize them, I'm simply going to regurgitate them to you all on here.

But first, some of the broader points I took away after the rewatch:

~Everybody is being too harsh on Todd Haley. Yes, this game completely falls on him. His preseason plan completely backfired, and the team, and the young players in particular, were unprepared to take the field on Sunday. But the dude was coach of the year last year. He took us from nowhere to the playoffs in two seasons, so give him some due. The biggest knock on him is a horrific preseason, which, in the grand scheme of things, seems kinda silly. Now, if this effort continues throughout the entirety of this season, I'll be singing a different tune. But for now, I'll back off.

~People aren't being harsh enough on Matt Cassel and Bill Muir. In the heat of the game, I failed to realize the ridiculousness of the offensive gameplan. I'm not sure if they were worried about Cassel's injured ribs, but the number of short passes was mind boggling. The offensive line actually did a decent job, but Cassel looked completely incapable of pushing the ball down field. This can't continue (And yes, I realize the hiring of Muir falls on Haley, and that is most certainly a negative, but I choose to keep a long term open mind on the head coach).

Now to the quick hitta's:

  • The Chiefs best play of the opening 4 of the game was getting destroyed on a 9 yard run
  • Miss a tackle, take a seat #YoureUpFirstSheffield (Could not believe the excessive missed tackling. This falls under the team being unprepared, and/or lack of testicular fortitude)
  • Javier did absoutely nothing on their TD. This guy has yet to make one positive play on defense in his career. Am I wrong? (I actually was wrong, Arenas put a good hit on Fitzpatrick later on in the game)
  • 2nd kickoff: Dexter hesitates, #Chiefs hold, Bills facemask. And it goes to spot of Chiefs penalty? Is that a correct call? @MikePereira (Mike still hasn't gotten back to me)
  • Bill Muir's first time calling plays in his career. You shouldn't be hiring a first timer unless he's 35 or younger. (Close to moving on from Muir after one game)
  • Chiefs who have responded to early adversity: Leonard Pope, Jamaal Charles (list grew to include Tamba Hali, and that's it really)
  • Cassel REALLY wanted to hit Terrence Copper on that slant. Cassel takes abominably bad sack. #Thesearethedaysofourlives (opening plays by our offense)
  • If I were a Raiders or a Broncos fans I would call us the Kansas City McGraws (hope this doesn't catch on)
  • Replacing Eric Berry with Jon McGraw is like replacing Scarlett Johansson with Glen Rice (Scar Jo nudes were a little disappointing. Frankly, she seems hotter with her clothes on)
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick > Jay Fiedler (Ivy Leaguers)
  • Why so many rollouts in Chiefs gameplan? Did they run any successful rollouts last year? (Really didn't understand the continuous Popey rollouts)
  • That 3rd and 7 swing to Jamaal was maybe the worst play I've ever seen. 4 Bills running at him unblocked. (starting to see my turn on Muir)
  • Gilberry pressure. Carr breakup. +1 a piece
  • I couldn't yell Fuck Shawne Merriman loud enough on Sunday #Oneofthebettermemories
  • 3rd down pass to Bowe was PI. Defender grabs his arm. Should be called way more than tiny body contact. #Ihateyoupassinterference
  • Big 3rd and 6 - McGraw 1 on 1 with Something Nelson. #ThatOneIsOnCrennel
  • Fitzpatrick absolutely pinpoints 2 passes for Bills to score 2nd touchdown (Chiefs were playing good defense at this point outside of the Caucasian Invasion at safety)
  • Richardson destroyed on a draw, minus 1
  • Nick Barnett sure would look nice in red #32millaintsobadClark
  • If Jake O'Connell would've dropped that pass, he would've become the quickest cut player in NFL history. #Grammar
  • How could Leonard Pope celebrate after clearly not catching the TD?
  • Interesting shot of Todd Haley screaming into headset after Pope's overturned TD. Can't make out what he's saying. Tried over and over. (Even tried slow motion)
  • Cassel went down like a pocket vagina in his first 2 sacks (Yes, I'm running with that nickname if this season falls apart)
  • Cassel had a terrible game in Week 1 last season. And the final week. He struggles with firsts and lasts.
  • I feel like it has been an overreaction, in large, to Week 1. Lack of response is worrisome. Perhaps more telling of mentality than talent. (This may have been my biggest takeaway from the game. A lot of the team's shortcomings were due to circumstances that you will not see every week. The most troubling part was the lack of response from 95% of the team. They were completely unable to man up.)
  • Our pass rush isn't getting it done. Interior push is nonexistent.
  • Kendrick just got punked (Coulda said this 4 or 5 times. Possibly the most disappointing player of the game)
  • Gilberry with 2 first half pressures. You still my boy @Gilberry92! (He knows, he knows)
  • Appeared to have a reverse called on the kick return there. Never got close to happening. (At least we were trying some things to mix it up)
  • So we have no idea if Jamaal actually fumbled that football? (Camera angles were completely unable to capture when the ball came out)
  • Flowers becoming a little too vulnerable to a soft push off (B-Flow either has to bulk up or play more physical because he got pushed around a little bit)
  • I see absolutely nobody even attempting to rally the Chiefs in the first hlaf. Who are the leaders on this team? (I only feel comfortable saying that Tamba Hali was trying to fire up his teammates during this debacle)
  • No reason for Cassel to rush that play before the 2 minute warning. -1 Time management.
  • Just ran our 2nd and goal play for Jake O'Connell (-1 for Muir)
  • Chiefs only touchdown was inches away from being a pick 6. And you thought 41-7 was bad...
  • Piscitelli cheering for himself way too much on his only good play
  • Big play - Bills 13 yards on quick slant to get to 3rd and 1. Chiefs not allowed to add more points before half.
  • 3rd and 1 perfect display of Chiefs awfulness. DJ missed tackle. Just out of Tamba's reach. Flowers gets manhandled.
  • Gannon almost at a loss for words after our multitude of dumpoffs to Pope (Went on quite a rant talking about how you rarely see teams call the exact same play repeatedly. Muir.)
  • Master Kim alright! (If you know, you know)
  • Tamba trying to get the team fired up. Noted. (See, I told ya)
  • Horrible coverage from Kendrick (Rinse. Repeat.)
  • Encouraged by the play I've seen from Charles and Tamba (Less worried about Charles after this game)
  • Belcher with a good play on the goal line.
  • @getnickwright Your boy Amon Gordon was a manimal on a couple goal line plays in 3rd Q (Look for more playing time out of this man)
  • I'd fine the Chiefs defensive players for giving up that TD after 2 false starts (And give it to season ticket holders)
  • Pretty sure tight end was wide open because Kendrick blew his coverage (Either he or Javier, couldn't pinpoint)
  • Thought for sure Jamaal was seriously injured on the awkward hit he took (Would've been the icing on the cake)
  • 3 Offensive PI's the Bills got away with by my count. Probably why we lost.
  • Just noticed the KC Wolf dressed up like a cheerleader. Its pretty disturbing. (He looked like Sabby Piscitelli)
  • Even tho Flowers got beat some, I feel good about how he played
  • Is there any doubt LeRon McClain hates being a Chief right now?
  • The tackling was piss poor. The rookies looked shell shocked. Both due to being unprepared. This falls on Haley.
  • Studebaker didnt really play at all on defense. Why?
  • Bills Chiefs got so out of hand that Rich Gannon was talkin Super Bowl rings with Ryan Fitzpatrick (Got to lovvvvve The Fitz)



Anonymous said...

Things may look bleak, but we are 0 - 1. If we come out and stomp Detroit and put 30 points up we will all be singing a different tune. More time will tell, but yes the first game was awful.

Dr. Zaveous

DBZ said...

I don't think our offense has much of a chance of getting even majority of those 30 points. Maybe a special teams TD, defensive TD, and another turnover that leads to a field goal after the offense doesn't move any. They offense will be responsible for the other 13 points (not sure they are up to it).