Friday, September 30, 2011

Baseball Playoff Predictions

Ay. I feel like making predictions for a sport I don't know a whole hell of a lot about. I always feel when I'm making my NCAA Tournament picks that some guy who knows nothing about College Basketball stands a better chance than me. This is my chance to be that guy.

Plus I'm motivated by what was the best 10 minutes of baseball I've watched since the 2004 ALCS (that was between the Yanks and the Sox). Here's what happened to my interest though: The Red Sox won the World Series, and immediately became as unlikeable as the Yankees. This left me with nobody to root for in this rivalry. And since half of ESPN's coverage is devoted to this overrated conflict (yea I said it), I have little choice but to ignore the sport that I've little interest in (probably because I never played it and the Royals have always sucked).

This is what will happen.

Tampa Bay over Texas in 6 4

The Devil Rays are hot. The Rangers did good last year I think. Seems obvious. Especially after seeing everybody on take the Rangers. Idiots.

Detroit over NY Yankees in 7 5

This Turdlander dude from the Tigers seems like the real deal. He wins Game 7 5 in New Yahk. The Yankees aren't even fun to hate anymore, they're just boring.

Milwaukee over Arizona in 5 4

Brewers seem rough. Prince Fielder (The Vegetarian Bomber) has a swagger to him. Ryan Braun wore a leather jacket on an episode of PTI, and passes the Sportscenter test (good highlights, game winning plays). I'm gonna go ahead and root for the Brew Crew in these playoffs. 

Philadelphia over St. Louis in 5 3

This is gonna piss my buddy Brockoli Jones off to no end, but the Phillies are getting to the World Series at the very least. Their pitchers are way better than everybody else's. 

*so apparently baseball begins the playoffs with 5 game serieseses

His dirkliness


The Leadoff Man said...

Booooo this Man! Boooooo him! His Dirkenezz has turned into His Generic-nezz. Talkin bout overrated Yanks and Bo Sox but says that that Phils and their generi-pitchers gonna get to the WS?! And rooting for the Brew Crew, well I say Screw Yew!

*yeah I know, I was given the chance to submit a guest paragraph that coulda made sense of all this (and given the real scope of these bigotist, hate-filled teams like the Nyjer Morgan Brewers), but I didn't. So at least one cheer to Dirk for writing about baseball, but two jeers for his picks. Come on, D-Ray lovin' keeeid, just pick the Dandy Dejejols already!

The Leadoff Man (Brockoli Jonez)

His Dirkness said...

Kid I pick them out of love for you. It's no fun to have everybody pick your team to win and then see them lose. But what is fun is having everybody pick against your team and seeing them win.

Howevvvvvvvvvva, this seriesjols ain't even making it 4 games.

And I forgot about ol Cookie Nyjer Morgan Monsta Mane flappin his bleeding gums all over the infield. You know I got love for da Cookie tho!!

pBRew Crew!


DBZ said...

Seems like your picks are going alright except for the Rangers, but did you pick basically just what you wanted to happen? That's what it sounded like with the Yanks and Milwaukee.

Game 4 tonight. Dejejols!