Saturday, April 2, 2011

Final Four Live Chat


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The Leadoff Man said...

His Shabazznezz,

Ah nah it looks like there needed to've been some Leadoff polls and newflashes to help ol Dirkly out with his solotox. I could maybe actually possibly gametox nat'l champ game if Dirkless is gonna...

I was thoroughly disappointed to see no sign of a WILHELM shoutout--thee most legit one i've ever heard in a game. it was when the whitey on UK made an and-1 with a monumental wilhelm that actually pitch shifted in the exact same way that a real one does. They showed 3 simultaneous replays with the audio and it was just like those wilhelm comps. I think Dirkus was too preoccupied at that point talkin bout blue waffles.

Let's regroup and have a final gametox ridiculocity commencement for champ game if necessary.