Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bracket Madness Satisfaction 2011

Here are a few lists for you to enjoy for the big days on the horizon. I'm running on little sleep today coming off of a 5 hour Bracket binge with S'nave well into the AM's of last night. Basically, they had me feeling like this guy...

Top 5 One Shining Moments:
1. Duke - Somehow Duke is the least picked top seed to make the Final Four this year according to majority opinion. Add Coach K's announcement that Kyrie Irving may return (a card he had to play), who if he does, gives Duke one of the best backcourts in College Basketball history. For good banter on Irving click here.
2. Ohio St - One of my annual stracketagies is to pick the team with the best big man in the country to win the National Championship. Well, ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Jared Sullinger (reminds me alot of Sean May from UNC).
3. Kansas - Hampered by the unconditional love thrown their way by the national media. Why, why, why won't you get off our nuts and give us a chance? I was a big fan of Self putting pictures of last year's upset to Northern Iowa in every player's locker this week. This team needs all the motivation it can get.
4. North Carolina - Severely impressed by Harrison Barnes, who might be the clutchest player in the country. Take that Simba, I mean Kemba. Also have a point guard, a shot blocker, and a big giant Tyrel Reed on their team.
5. Pitt - The annual disappointments of the NCAA Tournament. Have been upset by a lower seed in the last 3 NCAA's, and in 4 of the last 5. So they are due right? They could be like 2008 KU, where if they can just get over the hump of making the Final Four, then the sky is the limit.

Top 5 Upsets Everybody Will Have That Will Impress Nobody (11-seeds & Lower):

1. 12 Richmond over 5 Vanderbilt - A gimme for all you upsetteers out there.
2. 11 Missouri over 6 Cincinnati - Mizzou's style transfers over really well to the Tournament, but beware of how truly awful they are this year.
3. 13 Belmont over 4 Wisconsin - The Badgers play a style that allows them to beat anybody or lose to anybody. The Bruins won their conference championship game by 41 points.
4. 11 Gonzaga over 6 St. John's - The nation's adopted Cinderella team is back where it belongs - as an underdog. The Johnnies are without starting guard DJ Kennedy (29 mins, 10 pts, 5 rebs).
5. 11 USC/VCU over 6 Georgetown - Included so I can tell you how much I dislike the First Four. Your screwing up brackets everywhere! Now you either have to make your picks before Tuesday, make them late Wednesday night, or face a big disadvantage in picking an upset in the ensuing matchup. I hate you Ron Burgundy!

Top 5 Manly Man Upsets (ranked in order of an impressiveness-likelihood imprecise interspliceafied coagulation):

1. 13 Morehead St over 4 Louisville - Get to know the name Kenneth Faried, the best rebounder in the country BY FAR! He averages 14.5 boards per game! 2nd best in the NCAAT is SDSU's Kawhi Leonard at 10.7 per game.
2. 13 Princeton over 4 Kentucky - I love when teams picked to overachieve (lot of love for UK taking down THE Ohio St) go down in the first round.
3. 14 Wofford over 3 BYU - The fightin' Jimmers are without their muscle and have been quietly fading down the stretch. Wofford lost to Wisconsin by 4 in the first round last year.
4. 13 Oakland over 4 Texas - The Raiders could beat the Longhorns.
5. 14 Bucknell over 3 UConn - Come on, you know you wanna! Bucknell has won their last two first round games! UConn is a one man team! He ain't gonna get up for no Bucknell! Plus he tiiiiyad!

Top 5 BALLLLL NIGHTTTTT's (Best 1st round games):

1. Kansas St vs. Utah St - I've said it before, I'll say it again: I was terrified of facing Utah St in the 2nd round. By the way, the Aggies have the top scoring defense of all Tournament teams.
2. St. John's vs. Gonzaga - Love the Johnnies. Love the Zags as underdogs.
3. Texas vs. Oakland - Could be an NBA Draft Lottery duel between Tristan Thompson and Keith Benson.
4. Butler vs. Old Dominion - Something sure is fun about Ol' Dirty. Plus, Butler's Matt Howard returns, hopefully donning the stache-nasty.
5. Wisconsin vs. Belmont - Threes vs Dee ('s nuts!).

Top 5 Tomorrows Are Better Than Todays (Potential 2nd Round Matchups):

1. 5 Arizona vs. 4 Texas
2. 1 Pitt vs. 9 Old Dominion
3. 2 North Carolina vs. 7 Washington
4. 4 Wisconsin vs. 5 Kansas St
5. 3 Purdue vs. 6 Georgetown

Top 5 Carl Spackler Potential Cinderella Stories:

1. Utah St.
2. Old Dominion
3. Temple
4. Richmond
5. Gonzaga

Up to my knees in brackets,
His Bracketness


Brian Anderson said...

edit:purdue is the 3 and Georgetown is the 6. Other than that I like it!

His Dirkness said...

Er....corrected.....No idea what you're talking about

Anonymous said...

4. 13 Oakland over 4 Texas - The Raiders could beat the Longhorns.

I like how there is no explanation on this one. It's more of a fuck you Texas I hope this could happen, but let me say if it does happen that would be the absolute Shizzzz. Welp seeya later

-Dr. Zaveous

His Dirkness said...

Fuck Texas indeed.

I offer a little insight on the matchup in a later list. Barnes is a bad coach. Plus its on super early, a great time for a good upset.

Up to my pits in brackets,
His Bracketness

DBZ said...

I like the Manly Man upsets. Not many of them happened, but there were a lot of close games inthere, except the UConn game of course, but that was #5 on your list anyway.