Monday, February 21, 2011

KU vs. Oklahoma St Live Feed



The idea of this live game chat is to enhance your game watching experience. Essentially, it is designed to create an environment equivalent to watching the game with a group of your friends, or atleast, people who's opinions you respect. But this way you don't actually have to be with them, because it's 2011, and who actually likes being around people anymore these days?

His Dirkness, "The Tiny Dantha" LaBrockso Ellis, Sweedish Scheiba, and Sweet Zeetz Tweets will all be dee-jaying the action tonight, but celebrity panelist appearances are expected from all over the 'hood. You never know who might join in (I'm lookin at you Klosterman!).

For the record, this is meant to be very informal and unprofessional, so do not hesitate to say anything dumb, offensive, cringeworthy, or zingtastic. In fact, any and all of your verbal diarrhea is encouraged. Comments are not meant to be reflected on, but rather progressed with further ridiculosity/insightfulness. It's a one-upsmanship type mentality round these parts.

Check back in with His Dirkness around gametime (I'll be kickin' it off around 7:45) to collaborate in Gametox 2k4!

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