Thursday, August 26, 2010

2010 NFL Preview: NFC West

Arizona Cardinals- Lost a bevy of talent (Boldin, Dansby, Rolle) from a team that depended on one player (Kurt Warner-also gone) to give them any hope in the playoffs (worked four times) after coasting to easy division titles. So, tell Matt Leinart to hop out of the hot tub, put down the bong and the Cheetos (puffs of course), and email his ball dancing teacher, cause he actually gets to play this year. It's been hard for Art Leinmatt to stay motivated since his pay was cut in half going from USC to the Cards. In actuality, I theorize that he became complacent during that senior year at USC, living a celebrity's life in L.A. while taking only one class. No matter who drafted him, he was downgrading in lifestyle. I thought he was such a can't-miss prospect that I jumped up and cheered when the Raiders passed on him back in 2006.

St. Louis Rams- Way too many questions surrounding Samuel Jacob Bradford for me to believe in him. Is his shoulder all the way repaired? Is he injury prone? Can he adjust from the spread to a conventional offense? Why does he seem Indian with his helmet off and Asian with it on? What happens on Sam Bradford Day (seriously-January 13th) in Oklahoma City? I want to see Bradford fail because Suh should've been the unquestioned pick at numero uno. Keep a sliver of sight on 7th round draft pick, George Selvie, who I love coming out of South Florida.

San Francisco 49ers- Love everything about the 49ers this season except for Baby Hands, Alex Smith. They can always turn to the Revolving Door, David Carr, though. Keep your oculars planted on Patrick Willis, my pick for 2010 Defensive Player of the Year, as well as Ahmad Brooks, who had 5 sacks in the final five games last season. Throw in Michael Crabtree (could emerge hardcore), Frank Gore (love in fantasy), the suddenly realized potential of Vernon Davis, the young stable of first round offensive linemen, and even the late signing of Brian Westbrook, and the Niners are really heading places if they can just find a Quarterback. I put Mike Singletary in the top five head coaches in the NFL already.

Seattle Seahawks- The incredibly unwatchable Seabags grew interesting with the addition of Pete Carroll, who is still paying players, just doing it legally now. They curiously targeted former Charger backup Quarterback, Charlie Whitehurst (who I can only imagine looks like Charlie from Always Sunny in Philadelphia--nope, way creepier), giving up quite a bit in a trade to acquire him. Whitehurt's career stats are as follows: 2 rushes, 13 yards, 1 TD. That's it, that's the list. Zero career pass attempts. The price must've been too high on John David's Booty. 

This concludes the NFL Preview Extravaganza, having previewed 31 of the 32 teams, with obviously much more coming on the Chiefs before the season starts. Next week will be devoted solely to the Dirkness College Football Preview Extravaganza. I will be giving an individual preview of Nebraska, a Big 12 overview, and a Top 25 before giving my final predictions for the NCAA and NFL seasons. Continue to check back for everything you want to know before football gets under way this year.

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