Saturday, August 28, 2010

2010 College Football Preview: Big 12 North Edition

The College Football Preview Extravaganza is underway. I had been getting a bit crazy with the NFL, but what can I say, I love everything about it. That being said, I might be more excited for College Football this year, especially in my main rooting interest, the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Expectations are high in Big Red Country in what could be a wide open 2010 season. 

The Big 12 has gone through something of an era change, losing the likes of Sam Bradford, Colt McCoy, Mike Leach, Todd Reesing, Mark Mangino, and the man-beast himself, Ndamukong Suh. This is only the first step in the preview process that will rock your world before things get kicked off on Thursday. Seriously, College Football starts Thursday!!

I'm gonna get you up to date on all things Big 12 with a brief overview of each team, starting with the North, including a look at their Quarterback (lot of new faces) as well as another player to keep your eye on throughout the season. Predictions coming later this week. Lets do this…

Colorado~~15 Returning Starters
Return all 5 Offensive Line starters from a team that gave up a Big 12 high, 44 sacks, which raises the common College Football question: Is it a good thing to bring back a bunch of starters that underperformed? I know my boy, Lil' Bert Ladd thinks so, he's really confident that Colorado is the surprise team of the conference this year.

Quarterback: Tyler Hansen- Beat out the coach's son, Cody Hawkins, for the starting gig. This raises another interesting question: How hard is it for Dan Hawkins to tell his son just how bad he is?

Player to Watch: Nate Solder, LT- has him ranked as the 2nd best Offensive Tackle prospect (11th best overall) for the 2011 NFL Draft.

Iowa St~~12 Returning Starters
Paul Rhoads did a great coaching job last year, taking a rather pedestrian squad to a bowl game victory and a winning record, including a win in Lincoln over Nebraska. That's about the gold standard for this program, unlikely to ever have a shot at conference supremacy.

Quarterback: Austen Arnaud- Decent QB, who can run a little bit, will provide Senior leadership.

Player to Watch: Alexander Robinson, RB- Sparkplug Senior that ran for 1,195 yards last year.

Kansas~~11 Returning Starters
Nebraska great, Turner Gill, takes over the reigns in Lawrence, and immediately has to deal with a bugaboo of injuries in the preseason (as well as me hitting on his daughter constantly in effort to join the family). Season has to be considered a success with a trip to a bowl game with all the transition occurring at 11th and Maine.

Quarterback: Kale Pick 6- Remember him? The man that Mangino inexplicably replaced Reesing with last year, leading to his eventual firing. He better not throw many INT's or else that nickname might just stick around.

Player to Watch: Olaitan Oguntodu, S, #44- I see you O'Lightning! I see you Double O! I see you boy. My former neighbor (The Tiburon 3!) in Lawrence finds himself atop the depth chart at Safety this year. He is one of the nicest gents I've ever come across, and deserves everybody's support this year. Keep your eye on him.

Kansas St~~10 Returning Starters
A theory that I support throughout all forms of football is the overachieving team gaining higher expectations and underachieving the next year. Lets call it the 90's Chiefs Theory. I'm not sure if it's fully applicable in this situation, but I'm going to apply it. Another team where reaching a bowl game would equal a successful season.

Quarterback: Carson Coffman- Not sure if Chase's little brother's name is set in stone just yet, but he most likely gets the job first.

Player to Watch: Daniel Thomas, RB- The team, the whole team, and nothing but the team. Honestly haven't heard of another player on the team.

Missouri~~15 Returning Starters
The biggest competitors with the Huskers for the Big 12 North crown, should be improved from last year. Returning Running Back, Derrick Washington, has been suspended indefinitely for digital penetration. Yea, go ahead and urban dictionary that one.

Quarterback: Blaine Gabbert- You think Gabbert remembers the Blackshirts from last year?

I wish the same curse on him that I did on fellow Nebraska spurner, Josh Freeman. And yes, by that I mean becoming a future millionaire 1st round draft pick.

Player to Watch: Aldon Smith, DE- Was unanimous Big 12 Freshman Defensive Player of the Year in 2009 with 11.5 sacks.

Nebraska~~15 Returning Starters
Much more to come on an All Nebraska preview later this week…

Quarterback: 'The Wildman' Zac Lee- There is lots of talk of a Quarterback competition, but as long as the Huskers are winning, Lee will be the QB. Supposedly played all last year with a bum shoulder, and thrived in the bowl game once finally receiving rest.

Player to Watch: Dejon 'Bones' Gomes/Eric Hagg- Much sexier names but I wanted to rep the unheralded. The Blackshirts killed the spread offense last year due to these hybrid nickleback/safety types that could cover the slot receiver as well as stop the run.

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