Monday, May 2, 2011

Top 10 2011 NFL Draft Classes

So I've spoken ad nauseum by now about the Kansas City Chiefs' 2011 Draft class, but now I'd like to address the NFL as a whole a little bit. I'll start out by grading the analysts at the NFL Draft: Chris Berman C+ (not drunk enough), Mel Kiper Jr. D (he annoys me now), Todd McShay B (shows great upside), Mike Mayock B- (didn't see enough Mayockisms), Jon Gruden A- (still applauding Jamarcus Russel pick), Trent Dilfer A+ (becoming the unofficial voice of the NFL). On to the next one....

Top 10 2011 NFL Draft Classes:

1. New York Giants - First round pick: Prince Amukamara, CB, Nebraska - Was a top 10 prospect once upon a time, but fell all the way to pick 21. I'm telling you, a player's ranking immediately following the season is much more prognosticative (!) than their ranking going into the Draft. You'd think I have a great idea on Prince will do since I watch every Nebraska game, but he really never got thrown at, like at all. I think that's a good thing though.

What else did I like? Marvin "The Manchild" Austin - 2nd round, Greg Jones and Tyler Sash (2 of my sleepers) - 6th round, Da'Rel Scott - 7th round.

What didn't I like? Nothin.

2. Arizona Cardinals - First round pick: Patrick Peterson, CB, LSU - My top player in the NFL Draft. Need I say more? Why yes, yes I do. They passed on Blaine Gabbert, who would have failed tremendously in Arizona (but has a much better chance of succeeding in Jacksonville).

What else did I like? Ryan Williams - 2nd round, Sam Acho - 4th round, Quan Sturdivant (name of the Draft) - 6th round.

What didn't I like? Robert Housler - 3rd round.

3. Kansas City Chiefs - First round pick: Johnny Baldwin, WR, Pitt - Already discussed him at length, but heard today on Nick Wright that he has already talked with Cassel, and they set up plans for Baldwin to come to KC, stay with Cassel, work on some things, maybe go to Bed Bath & Beyond, he didn't know if they'd have enough time. Love hearing that!

What else did I like? Rodney Hudson - 2nd round, Justin Houston - 3rd round, Ricky Stanzi - 5th round, Jerrell Powe - 6th round.

What didn't I like? Well, Shane Bannon is from Yale, and I'm more of a Princeton guy because of my Scoregazm quarterback, my teammate.

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - First round pick: Adrian Clayborn, DE, Iowa - I don't love this pick, but I like it. Clayborn was a monster in 2009, but his numbers trailed off in 2010 due to more attention. Unfortunately, he doesn't have a greasy QB to blame like our boy, Johnny Baldwin.

What else did I like? Da'Qwan Bowers (could be the absolute steal of the Draft) - 2nd round, Mason Foster - 3rd round, Ahmad Black - 5th round.

What didn't I like? Notta.

5. Cincinnati Bengals - First round pick: AJ Green, WR, Georgia - Made my top 5 list of best players in the 2011 NFL Draft (was #5). Might he be enough to convince Carson Palmer to stick around in Cincinnati (debatable if that would even be a good thing)?

What else did I like? Andy Dalton (my 2nd favorite QB) - 2nd round, Clint Boling (best player available going into Saturday) - 4th round.

What didn't I like? Squadoosh.

6. New Orleans Saints - First round pick: Cameron Jordan, DE, Cal - Don't know much about him other than he was supposed to go a lot higher than he did - Mark Ingram, RB, Alabama - Perfect fit for the Saints, who were in desperate need for a workhorse. Ingram seems like the kind of dude that will feed off the motivation of sliding to pick 28.

What else did I like? Martez Wilson - 3rd round, Greg Romeus - 7th round.

What didn't I like? Traded away next year's first round pick, so this had better be a good class for them.

7. Detroit Lions - First round pick: Nick Fairley, DT, Auburn - My #4 overall player of this Draft. Falls into the best position of any other player in this Draft, landing next to The Ndominant One. The Lions now have 2 of the 3 best D-tackles to roll through College Football since Warren Sapp. Also, see Amukamara, Prince up above.

What else did I like? Titus Young - 2nd round, Mikel Leshoure - 2nd round

What didn't I like? Only 5 picks.

8. St. Louis Rams - First round pick: Robert Quinn, DE, North Carolina - No doubt about how Steve Spagnulo believes a team should be built. He orchestrated the best defensive line I've ever seen with the NY Giants when they won their Super Bowl. Now he pairs the promising Chris Long with Quinn in his effort to recreate the magic.

What else did I like? Getting young Samuel some much needed help in Lance Kendricks - 2nd round, Austin Pettis - 3rd round, Greg Salas - 4th round

What didn't I like? Should have gotten a scat back to compliment S-Jax.

9. Houston Texans - First round pick: JJ Watt, DE, Wisconsin - Who I would describe as the most under the radar player in this Draft. Honestly, I can't even remember why I liked him so much, I just remember watching him dominate and believing he'd make a great 3-4 end. I stand by it.

What else did I like? Brooks Reed - 2nd round, TJ Yates - 5th round

What didn't I like? Both their first two picks project very well into their new 3-4 defense under Wade Phillips. However, what are their plans with Mario Williams? He's too much of a playmaker to play DE in the 3-4. They might have to make a Jared Allen like move with him now.

10. Washington Redskins - First round pick: Ryan Kerrigan, DE/OLB, Purdue - Was my top choice as a pass rushing linebacker, however I must admit I was somewhat surprised to find out he was white on Draft day.

What else did I like? Leonard Hankerson - 3rd round, Roy Helu (Goodbye!) - 4th round, Dejon Gomes -  5th round, Niles Paul - 5th round (launching MTV's next season of Real World: Huskerz in D.C.)

What didn't I like? Jarvis Jenkins - 2nd round.

His Dirkness


Anonymous said...

Really funny comment about taking a Yale guy since you have a princeton QB (my teammate he's my quarterback.)
Best T.O. moment ever in my opinion. Also the bed bath and beyond old school reference....Tony the Tiger Grrrrreat! I don't think the Chiefs draft should be ranked quite that high though. Also you gave the Patriots no love to even be in the top 10? I mean they had so many damn picks like every year. I'm confused at that. Good stuff.

-Dr. Zaveous

DBZ said...

Fun. You certainly do your homework. You know so many more picks than anyone else I ever know.

His Dirkness said...

Sorry Zaveous.....somehow your comment slipped by me. I wasn't a big fan of the Patriots draft though (aside from the Mallett pick, which I loved). But they took 2 running backs early, neither of whom I've heard of. I liked their Corner taken in the 2nd round, but not Solder in the 1st. Their draft was meh.

Also I don't get why parlay a first round pick into the next year's draft every year. If they never spend it, is there a point? I guess a brighter future, but unless its eventually used to snag Brady's replacement, it's been a waste.

Why no love for the Chiefies draft though?

His Dirkness