Saturday, January 8, 2011

2010 NFL Playoff Predictions

Chiefs playoff preview extravaganza wrapping up later today, with the keys to victory for our CHIEFSSS!!!!

To get you caught up here's links to anything and everything you need to know this week:

Now for some playoff predictions, which I usually struggle mightily with.....


Wildcard Round:
New York Jets over Indianapolis Colts 20-17
Kansas City Chiefs over Baltimore Ravens 20-10

Divisional Round:
New England Patriots over New York Jets 30-14
Pittsburgh Steelers over Kansas City Chiefs 13-7

AFC Championship:
Pittsburgh Steelers over New England Patriots 31-27


Wildcard Round:
New Orleans Saints over Seattle Seahawks 24-21
Philadelphia Eagles over Green Bay Packers 28-14

Divisional Round:
New Orleans Saints over Atlanta Falcons 27-10
Philadelphia Eagles over Chicago Bears 23-13

NFC Championship:
Philadelphia Eagles over New Orleans Saints 30-20

Super Bowl:
Pittsburgh Steelers over Philadelphia Eagles 17-13

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