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Hello, friends. Here at, I strive to bring you, the reader, sports writing in a way that few others do. Instead of concentrating on bringing you the news first, I have my sights set on bringing you the most creative, insightful, and thought provoking articles on what is happening in the sports world today. At the same time, I like to keep the content informal, unprofessional, and with a splash of ridiculousness, while mixing in a number of examples, analogies, and pop culture references in effort to reach every level of my audience's wide spectrum of knowledge on the differing subjects. I aspire to challenge my readers' thoughts on a wide variety of topics, with the hope of sparking healthy debate whenever possible (I will always respond to any of my reader's comments).

My primary objective as a writer is to pulverize the mothoughtony (see below) that runs rampant throughout the sports world as we know it.

{Mothoughtony (n) -An epidemic of misconstrued common knowledge mistaking repetitively made arguments, arising from ESPN's monopoly on sports journalism, as opinions to be universally agreed upon.}

My biggest influences include former Kansas City Star Columnist Jason Whitlock, ESPN's "The Sports Guy" Bill Simmons, Pop Culture Extraordinaire Chuck Klosterman, and Kansas City sports radio host Nick Wright.

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